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Top 10 Cute And Romantic Homemade Gifts For Boyfriend

This article is written only for those girls who want to give their boyfriend an unique, cute and romantic homemade gifts at any occasion. Sometimes it is very hard to take the decision which should be given as a gift. Who does not want to give the most romantic and cute gifts to their fiancee? If you can make this at home by yourself it would be more romantic. A thoughtful and meaningful gift need not be expensive. It just need to be expressive and cordial.

Top 10 cute and romantic gift ideas:

So, here are my top 10 romantic and cute gift ideas. You can choose any of these. If you have also an unique idea, then do not forget to share that gift idea with us.

10.  Homemade Ties:

Homemade Ties

If you want to give your boyfriend a beautiful thing at the cheapest price then a homemade tie is perfect for you. It can be different color like white, blue or gray. You can also choose the favorite color of your boyfriend. Someone said “giving your boyfriend a tie means showing him how much you care about him. If your boyfriend like to wear tie or has a hobby to collect different kinds of ties then he must be happy. But if your boyfriend does not like ties, do not attempt to give them ties. Because, it will make him bored and unsatisfied. So, at first you should discover that is he a tie guy or not. To make a tie , you may see this tutorial.

9. Delicious cookie:

Delicious cookie

A proverb goes-“A man’s heart is through his stomach.” As  I am a man, I know this proverb is 90% true. It sis a nice idea to give your boyfriend a homemade cookie. Though it is a little bit harder, if you can’t cook. But, trust me, by giving him a homemade cookie, you can win his heart easily. This is so much cute and romantic also. So, get into the kitchen and start to bake your cookie for him. You can also use this tutorial to make a cookie. I will recommend you to write down your name with your escort name on the cookie. It will make your gift more symbolic and cuter. you may see this tutorial to cook cookies at home.

8. Wooden sword:

Wooden sword

Boys always like fighting tools. So, it is a good idea to give your boyfriend an wooden sword. You must be thinking, how can I make this crap? Believe me, it is not as harder as you are thinking. You have to follow this tutorial, if you want to make a wooden sword by yourself. It is cool to give your admirer a wooden sword because it is attractive but not dangerous as it is made by wood! here i have attached a tutorial for you on “how to make a wooden sword.”

7. Make a Mixed CD:

Make a Mixed CD

Who does not love music? But it is so true that everybody has his own different test for music. Somebody likes rock music, somebody loves pop and somebody loves metal.

I thing you know your boyfriends test. It is really easy to make a mixed CD with the songs which are liked by your boyfriend. The first thing, you have to do is to download all the favorite songs of him and burn these songs into an empty disc with a burning software. YOu may also see this tutorial.

6. Draw a picture of your boyfriend :

Draw a picture of your boyfriend

Drawing a picture of your escort’s face and giving him this picture with a frame is one of the cutest idea to me. But, all you need to have a good skill of drawing. Now a days some software are available on the internet by which you can draw beautiful pictures . These may also help you. But, it will be matter of intelligence to give your admirer a hand made drawing.

Here you can see this tutorial to draw a good quality picture of him.

5. Homemade blanket:

Homemade blanket

A blanket is always useful and would be a perfect gift if you want to give this gift to your boyfriend during winter season. It expresses that you do care a lot for him. That is what will make him comfortable and happier. If you like sewing, this project is really suitable for you. This homemade gift is really cute and romantic. Though you are not a professional crafter, do not hesitate to prepare a blanket for him. Here is a great tutorial for you about how to make a blanket at home.

4. A homemade handkerchief:

A homemade handkerchief

Sometime a small gift can be amazing if you can present that gift beautifully. You may think that a handkerchief is too simple to give your boyfriend. But it is not. You can write down your name with his name by sewing on that handkerchief. It is the coolest idea to wow your boyfriend by your gift.  You also can sew a love sign or lip kiss sign on the handkerchief. Whatever you can do sew a beautiful artistic symbol on the handkerchief. It will increase the value of your simple but effective gift’s. you may also see this tutorial on ” how to make a homemade handkerchief

3. Write a letter:

Write a letter

Writing a cute and romantic letter to your boyfriend is one of the greatest gift ideas. Who does not like a romantic letter from her fiancée? Do not hesitate to write a letter. It does not have to be poetic- Just write the straight truth from the heart. There are some rules that you may follow to write down a good romantic letter. The most important thing is your mood. Write the letter when you are in a right mood. Make the letter short, sweet and funny. Use a cute name instead of his real name while addressing him into this letter. Another important thing is to use a beautiful stationary. If you want more tips you can see this article

2.  Bicycle brake clock:

Bicycle brake clock

First of all, this clock is innovative. Then it looks bold. I will be very happy if my girlfriend would like to make this kind of clock for me. But, it is a matter of great regret that I have no girlfriend. This is really a cool clock for giving a man. I can guarantee you that , your boyfriend will definitely love this gift if you give him. Here is a tutorial on ” how to make a bicycle brake clock.”

1. Make a romantic video:

Make a romantic video

You must have some videos of him. We usually capture videos while roaming. You can edit a video with a romantic song or romantic tune. I think, this is the most beautiful and cute gift that you can make it by yourself. All you need to have a video editing software. Then gather all of your video and pictures with him. Then use your brain, use some effects and make a good quality video. Your boyfriend will definitely appreciate this.

So, these are my top 10 homemade gift ideas for your boyfriend.  I think, this article will help you to choose the best homemade gift for your fiancee.

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